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german version

PDF Documents

PDF document generator for OXID eShop

Create a wide variety of static or dynamic PDF documents at the touch of a button. The document content is created from Smarty templates.

At the orders of your OXID shop you have the option of creating an invoice and delivery note.

The module can be easily extended to adapt existing documents or add new ones. Even completely different document types (e.g. article data sheets) are possible.

System requirements:

  • installed OXID eShop version from 6.1
  • PHP version for which installation packages are available (PHP 7 + 8)
  • Installation via Composer


The module contains the same functionality as the 'OXID Invoice PDF' module. Basically, both modules can be installed in parallel in the shop, if required.

If the OXID Invoice PDF module is to be completely replaced by the D3 PDF Documents module (e.g. because third modules also use its function), we provide a customization which is installed additionally.


composer require d3/pdfdocuments:^1.0 --update-no-dev

Detailed installation instructions can be found online and in the docs directory of this package. The module manual is also available there.



  • PDF logo made by Dimitriy Morilubov from www.flaticon.com


This module is distributed under the GPL v3 License. For more information see the ./LICENSE file.

Copyright by D3 Data Development (Inh. Thomas Dartsch)